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Annotations (6)

  • dcterms:creator "ELI task force" @en
  • preferredNamespacePrefix "eli"
  • rdfs:comment "Transposition of the ELI metadata fieldsds into an OWL ontology.
    See the classes "LegalResource", "LegalExpression" and "Format" as entry points.

    ***** Notes *****

    - The ELI ontology reuses the property names from the Metalex ontology (http://www.metalex.eu/) to express the FRBR skeleton hierarchy : is_realized_by/realizes, is_embodied_by/embodies, is_exemplified_by. This wording is also the one used in the original FRBR specifications. However, the decision has been made _not_ to align to the Metalex class names (BibliographicWork, BibliographicExpression, BibliographicManifestation), because ELI is specifically about publishing legal metadata on the web, and not structuring legal content in any document.
    - Since published_in property has been made into a Literal, it is not possible to declare explicitely "publishes" as an inverse property.
    - first_date_entry_in_force and date_no_longer_in_force could be subproperties of dcterms:date
    - a class could be introduced for URI schemas to implement the URI schema registry

    ***** Version History *****

    * 1.0 *

    - added a set of values for the InForce table
    - added definitions to tables
    - minor fixes in definitions
    - added rdfs:seeAlso from properties to corresponding tables
    - cleaned the "whyThisIsNeeded" annotation

    * 0.6.1 *

    - fixed typos in definitions

    * 0.6 *

    - imported skos rather than redeclaring skos classes and properties
    - changed domain of in_force, first_date_entry_into_force, date_no_longer_in_force to [LegalResource or LegalExpression] instead of LegalResource
    - changed domain of language, title, title_short, title_alternative to LegalExpression instead of [LegalResource or LegalExpression]
    - reworked the tables : don't use country and resource type tables from MDR, but declare local tables.
    - integrated new definitions for all classes and properties

    * 0.5 *

    - Renamed "Interpretation" into "LegalExpression" (and modified comments accordingly)
    - Renamed the structural FRBR relations in accordance with Metalex ontology :
    - is_legal_resource_of becomes "is_relaized_by"
    - has_legalresource becomes "realizes"
    - is_interpretation_of becomes "is_embodied_by"
    - has_interpretation becomes "embodies"
    - file becomes "is_exemplified_by"
    - file has been made a subproperty of "has exemplar of manifestation" instead of "dc:hasPart"
    - relevant_for is no more considered mandatory. Deleted comment that stated "we are seeking a way to express that relevant_for must have at least one value for LegalResource or one of its LegalInterpretation".

    * 0.4.1 *

    - Added "publishes" property
    - Enriched the note on "transposes" and "transposed by" to indicate they must point to / be expressed on LegalResource"
  • rdfs:label "ELI Metadata Ontology" @en
  • rdfs:seeAlso http://data.europa.eu/eli/ontology#LegalResource
  • owl:versionInfo "1.0"


Imports (2)

  • http://rdaregistry.info/Elements/c
  • http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core