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Class: CollectionStructure

Annotations (1)

  • dcterms:description "Composite documents are containers of other documents that have their own identity, lifecycle, workflow, and other metadata. An example is the Official Journal or Official Gazette volume where many bills, acts, minutes, reports are collected. Each document is autonomous with its FRBR identification package, metadata, modifications, and temporal information. Nevertheless, the volume of the Journal is an independent work that is composed of other works.
    A collection structure is any folder (such as one that contains a bill) that is usually composed of several documents (cover, motivations, commission report, amendments, first draft of a bill, amended bill, etc.).
    In this way, it is possible to represent a document composed of different autonomous parts (work or expressions). The following example shows a documentCollection, with the bill (proyecto de ley) and the explanatory part (motivos).

    [see: http://docs.oasis-open.org/legaldocml/akn-core/v1.0/csprd02/part1-vocabulary/akn-core-v1.0-csprd02-part1-vocabulary.html#_Toc451851337]"

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