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Annotation Property: example

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  • authoritative example ""The Queens Printer" version of a UK Act of Parliament, or the Official Journal version of a EU Directive published by EU Publications Office." @en 
  • definitive example "The digitally signed version of an Official Journal." @en 
  • official example "A consolidated version of a EU directive published by EU Publications Office." @en 
  • 'Concept Scheme' example "Thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading lists, taxonomies, 'folksonomies', and other types of controlled vocabulary are all examples of concept schemes. Concept schemes are also embedded in glossaries and terminologies." @en 
  • 'alternative label' example "Acronyms, abbreviations, spelling variants, and irregular plural/singular forms may be included among the alternative labels for a concept. Mis-spelled terms are normally included as hidden labels (see skos:hiddenLabel)." @en 
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